Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Piza = Fail?

Is the leaning tower of Piza an example of failure?

Sure its a little tilted. But construction was started in 1173. Thats a really long time for a building to standup straight. It has not fallen down yet. Nearly all of its close calls were due to attempts to "fix" it.

How many emblems of civilization will stand up to that kind of time? The Empire State building? CN Tower? Burj Khalifa? Taipei 101? Sure they are all straight now. What happens in 500 years, 700, 1000? Will there even be an Canada?

So I say Kudos to Bonanno Pisano or whoever they decide actually designed the damn thing. You built a building that passed the test of time.


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It's certainly withstood the test of time. They don't make'em like they used to. But, their choice of location was a failure as the building started to lean well before they were finished building it. The ground underneath is more like a marsh land. The top 2 or 3 stories lean less than the rest of the building as they made corrections to it during the building process because of the early leaning. About 10 years ago, Engineers connected cables to it to prevent it from what would have been its final collapse. While supported by cables, they also injected tons of cement underneath the building to stabilize the land it's on to slow the rate of tilting.

But, even if it HAD fallen 10 years ago, it would've still been one of the longest standing buildings in human history. Certainly standing the test of time, compared to other buildings.

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