Friday, September 04, 2009

Back to school speech

I find it particularly disturbing that some schools are choosing not to show President Obama's 'Back to school speech'. The fact that this censorship is even happening before the content of the speech is published is even more disturbing. For Pete's sake. Whatever the message, he is our President. Its right and appropriate that he be able to address his constituents whatever their age. If paranoid over-protective parents wish, they can withhold their children from school or write an excuse. But for this to be twisted and manipulated for political purposes is disgraceful and disrespectful to the office and the nation.

We elected him by both majorities. Whether I agree with his policies or not, I believe that his pulpit gives him the right to address our schoolchildren. I doubt that the speech will be much more than an inspirational pep talk. I feel that its right and appropriate to do so. Its not like the President is going to give a speech on the evils of abstinence or trying to convert them to believe in subversive Democritarinism. Hopefully it will inspire some jaded youths to some higher calling.

Is he really that divisive a figure that we are willing to disrespect our highest office to spite him. What have we lost? What happened to patriotism, to loyalty? Are we that afraid of an alternative opinion that we must sequester our children from their whispers? The truth should be able to stand for itself. 'The height of silly season' seems a proper characterization.


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