Monday, November 05, 2007

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day Ron Paul!

Interesting that this day is in celebration of a famous terrorist Guy Fawkes. I have never seen 'V for Vendetta' but just may after this fantastic fund raising day for Ron Paul. I for one am proud to have contributed a small part to this event. Over 3.8 Million and counting. Perhaps after today, Dr. Paul will start to get the attention of the media that has either ignored him or prefaced 'Dark Horse' or 'Longshot' to his name. I hope that this election will be the one in which the apathetic electorate starts to realize what profligate spending, pork, and entitlements will do to this country. I may disagree with Dr. Paul on many issues, but to date I feel he is the only candidate running today that truly represents the values and foundations of this country. Let the establishment sit up and take notice!


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