Monday, November 27, 2006

More second life BS

Ack more second life nonsense.

ohhhh another virtual 'millionaire' lets all quit our jobs, ditch our 401k plans, and start mining the virtual gold in them dar hills...... Duplicated deep in the bowels of the Internet it comes rushing out like a huge torrent of vomit violently expelled after eating 6 pounds of chocolate.

Stupid media.....

If you did'nt get my intent, I feel stories like this are full of BS. Anyone who has ever tried to sell something at a tag sale will understand why. Value is subjective. This would only be news if someone actually converted it to 'real' money and 'real' hard assets. 'Real' money too (even hard assets) has only subjective value, but at least more people believe in it. It is not only on a server somewhere on the West Coast (I assume) artificially manipulated by people who want to exchange your 'real' money into fake money.

IMHO bits of virutal currency in a made up world have no value because they have no possibility of scarcity (goes the same for airline miles). Infinite supply and limited demand = no value at all. Sure there is actual demand now for 'virtual' real estate, but please a virual millionaire. I have been a millionaire a bunch of times. In monopoly and other made up worlds.

On a closing note, If this really represents a paradigm shift in value and currency.... I hear second life is having 'real-world' funding and scalability problems, why don't they just mint more Linden Dollars , exchange them and to buy a few more servers, a few thousand developers, pay the electric bill and rent?

If you believe that Second Life and its ilk represent some new representation of the world that supercedes the real one....Well then I have a file ( on my laptop that i just posted to the Internet) that I say is worth $1M, anyone want to buy it? Hey , why not write a story about it?


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