Friday, April 21, 2006

Good job Wenyi Wang

News today on the embarrassing outburst of Dr. Wenyi Wang. She is being charged with threatening a foreign dignitary. Its a travesty that Dr. Wang will be charged with a 'crime'. She merely speaks her beliefs. Far from crying fire in a crowded theatre, she is exercising her right to peaceable civil disobedience and protest.

If there ever was a government worth protesting it would be the Government of China. IMHO China represents a real world Orwellian Animal Farm. China has a totalitarian nearly fascist government that is oppressing its own people. I believe that the Chinese leadership is isolated and uncaring of its own people. They fear their own people. This is borne out by countless examples, regulation of free speech, filtering of the Internet, persecution of the media and dissidents, and even to rumors of prisoner organ farms currently under investigation by the UN. The spectacle of Tiananmen Square represents still remains a viable means of dealing with oppression. How we continue to kowtow to the political and economic whims of this regime in the name of freedom (of trade) is antithetical to the spirit that founded our country. Our own government should listen to the voices of protesters and not insulate itself behind pomp and circumstance. The Chinese government that will inevitably lose its control and be relegated to the dustbin of failed repressive regimes. I say good riddance. Where the United States stands when it happens depends on our actions today. I truly hope that the Chinese people will rise to the occasion and deliver what 'President' Hu has coming to him. A nice peaceable long forced retirement in obscurity.

On a side note, isn't funny that lately all of the world's dictators are all called 'Presidents'? You would figure that they would come up with something more grandiose, like 'Wonderful Supreme Leader'. At least the North Koreans got something right.


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