Thursday, January 12, 2006


You know i was just reading some energy statistics from the DOE today. To the people that say the Iraq 'war' is about oil.... apparently the USA imports 58% of its oil. Guess where it imports most of its oil? The middle east?

From the statistics from Jan-Aug last year
Canada (1.6 million bbl/d), Mexico (1.6 million bbl/d), Saudi Arabia (1.5 million bbl/d), Venezuela (1.3 million bbl/d), and Nigeria (1.0 million bbl/d).

Guess the war is not about oil? But what do I know?

Seems we should be nation building closer to home. Make Canada the 51st state and we can be self sufficient in oil.

What do we use oil for? Certainly not for production of electricity, for that most of it seems to come from coal (by far), nuclear, natural gas, and alternative sources.


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