Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stupid celebrity

Anyone read about Richard Hatch lately? For those of you living under a rock in the middle of a tropical island (well then you probably have a good idea who he is); about six?!?!? years ago he was the 'Naked Fat Gay' guy who pranced around well Naked, Gay, and Fat on Survivor island, the vanguard for the reality show plague. In addition to prancing, conniving, and backstabbing, he also won the million dollar prize. Smart Move? Sure, but the follow-up is not so smart. He failed to declare the winnings on his tax return. For about four years or so led the government on a merry chase. In addition to that he setup felonius charities, and lied on several years of tax returns.

In a surprising (yeah) move today, he was found guilty of several different felonies. He probably will have to give up all his 'winnings' and then some and spend circa 4 years in prison. I guess its a 'stupid and poor' to 'stupid and rich' back to 'stupid and incarcerated' story. Wonder where they found a jury of his peers?

Maybe he should try the 'Fat, Gay, Naked' thing in the courtroom during his sentencing hearing. It would probably work better than his legal defense 'Sorry, I am just really bad at Math'. Seriously, that was it. He just might get by with the judge believing him insane rather than an idiot.


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