Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Comedy Central Cowards

I JUST watched the 'infamous' Mohammad episode of South Park originally aired in April '06. I am disgusted with Comedy Central's (and apparently every other major media outlet) lack of backbone. I encourage everyone to post comments at and tell them to air the episode in its entirety.

Previously, South Park has aired every manner of blasphemy (to some, perhaps many). To draw the line at a simple image of Mohammad is ridiculous. The First amendment is part of what separates our free society from tyranny. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. The fact that some vague threat of reprisal can force a major network(s) to censor itself merely encourages other radical groups to attempt the same tactic.

To quote the Quran:
[Allah is] the originator of the heavens and the earth... [there is] nothing like a likeness of Him."

Well, duh that seems a little obvious. You cannot capture Allah, Mohammad, or God in a picture. Nor can a photograph steal your soul.

This is not him either but feel free to censor it also.

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