Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nuclear War started by a bear

WarGames was on tonight. Just finished watching it for the 99th+ time. Still a great movie. Got me thinking though, how many times have we gotten close to Nuclear war in error.

Found this link

Some interesting mishaps.... But this one caught my interest.

"1962, October 25: Duluth intruder
At around midnight on 25 October, a guard at Duluth Sector Direction Center saw a figure climbing the security fence. He shot at it, and activated the "sabotage alarm". This automatically set off sabotage alarms at all bases in the area. At Volk Field, Wisconsin, the alarm was wrongly wired, and the Klaxon sounded which ordered nuclear-armed F-106A interceptors to take off. The pilots knew there would be no practice alert drills while DEFCON 3 was in force, and they believed World War III had started.

Immediate communication with Duluth showed there was an error. By this time aircraft were starting down the runway. A car raced from the command center and successfully signaled the aircraft to stop.

The original intruder was a bear."

Probably was a Russian bear. Also, contrary to popular belief, I guess the finger was never on the proverbial 'button'. Nuclear annihilation is activated by Klaxon. This would probably would scare the crap out of any Bear.


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