Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ron Paul poll censored

Here is a 'GOP straw poll' that deserves to be burned as an effigy. poll and associated contraversy link and digg comments

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to you what I consider a serious ethical lapse in the way you conduct your online polls. There has been a well chronicled manipulation (through personal experience and screenshots) of your supposedly unbiased poll noticed by myself and other well meaning members of the online Republican community. I currently am a Ron Paul supporter. I am not affiliated with any Ron Paul organization or organized side group. I simply wish to make my preference known. Although Ron Paul is a candidate listed on your site, your online poll currently does not offer him as an option. Several days ago I went to your site to vote for my candidate (which was not present), and instead of voting for the prefabricated choices I voted 'unacceptable' across the board (for I consider them all to be unacceptable). I then viewed the poll results and was somewhat satisfied that the poll reflected 'None' as the preferred candidate with somewhat over 1000 votes.
I visited your site this evening to view the results, and was dismayed to find that the poll results were altered! None was reduced to 102 votes. Again Dr. Paul was not listed.

Your website talks of accountability, hypocrisy, and ethics. I consider this sort of fraud to be unacceptable and counter to your stated principles. Ron Paul currently is a candidate for the Republican nomination as much as any other. If the 'conventional' wisdom states that Dr. Paul has no chance, I suggest to you that it is wrong. Dr. Paul and a true conservative philosophy are the only chance the party has to restore its integrity. Either way, he deserves to be listed on the poll. Falsified straw polls, censored news stories, and filtered opinions are the stuff of dictatorships and not democracies (or republics). They have no place in a free society. You should be ashamed!

I request that you restore your honor and integrity by retracting the results of the poll, acknowledging your actions, restore Dr. Paul, and run a honest poll. Like it or not he is a contender for the nomination. No amount of censorship can change that.


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