Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Radioactive Rat Poison

Real (total) wars are too costly because of the specter of WMD, even Cold wars cost too damn much, now the KGB cannot even get away with a simple grudge asassination. I just wish someone could get their cover story straight.

First its Thallium, then radioactive Thallium, then Polonium 210? Whatever, next time just cut to the chase, try something new, and tell the truth. Give your citizens the benefit of informed consent. They will surprise you (Look Ma, no panic!)


This reminds me of the time during first Gulf War where the powers that be were dying to get some hits on some scud missiles. Finally there was a briefing where Stormin' Norman showed some recon of some mobile scuds (before and after photos). Turns out this was a knowing deception, where the 'Scuds' were actually milk or tanker trucks. I still sometimes see the pictures displayed during the briefing still being touted as 'Iraqi scuds'. Sometimes when the truth gets out it still never gets accepted.


To update an old saying.....Maybe you are not paranoid and they really are lying to you....


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