Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Conservation in Iraq

Miltary oil consumption accounts for a massive 1% of the nations oil consumption. I have actually heard figures hight than that. Fuel consumption is obviously going to be a large expense for the military. Planes do not run on air, nor tanks sand. Aside from nuclear powered vessels, I would think that nearly all of the military's fuel consumption comes from burning of fossil fuels. I am glad to see the military sees several facets to dependence on fossil fuels and is reacting. Securing a stable supply of energy clouds our vision and improperly guides our foreign policy. I hope that over the next few years some of the 'green' technology being developed comes to fruition. Beyond the obvious environmental impacts, I believe alternative energy sources may serve to stabilize the world and help provide for more sane international policy based on true American values of liberty and equality.


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