Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Honey, today I beat an old man for Jaywalking

Jay walker gets his just deserts
Its stories like these that really irritate me. Its not that just that some hotshot young cop decides to take his frustrations out on a hapless old bespeckled professor. We are a big country, and shit happens. Its that the Atlanta police department is actually backing him up. He beat up an old man for jay walking! Sure professor Fernandez-Armesto did not bow and genuflect before the almighty one. He even had the temerity to ask an un-uniformed policeman for proof of his office. He possibly even 'resisted' arrest. It does not justify the kind of treatment he received. Even if the guy stepped out of a squad car, you are well within your rights to ask for identification. Nor are you required to carry identification at all times. After all, driver's licenses are for driving.

Office Leopacher deserves nothing less than public long drawn out public humiliation for beating up an harmless old man. He should be fired for his actions. Actions like these that make people fear the police. The public should not live in fear of its government or its instruments. Its mandate of force should be applied wisely only as a last resort. Any other direction is a step towards fascism.

Officer Kevin Leonpacher, you are nothing less than a coward, shame on you! Atlanta PD, I suspect that your liberal policy of Judge Dredd justice and corporal punishment will dramatically reduce the number of minor pedestrian malfeasance. Glad to see that serious crime (What no Jaywalking?) is so under control that there is time and resources to make your city truly safe. I will make sure that I have my papers in order the next time I visit.


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