Thursday, September 03, 2009

Global Warming is full of hot air

I'm tired of global warming. Sure, everyone's tired of global warming. Its bad, everyone knows its 'bad'. Deserts, hurricanes and global apocalypses are undeniably bad things.

But... I am tired of hearing about it.

I am tired of the hyperbole. Tired of the hysteria. Tired of the lack of objective thought. Global warming as scientific study is lost. Global warming is an institution. It is enshrined as fact, not 'theory'. It is not to be questioned. The bogey man of 'Carbon Dioxide' has replaced the iron curtain and nuclear annihilation.

Any story or article on the subject must include the obligatory pictures of traffic jams. (Somehow cars have been singled out even though they are a small part of the 'problem'). Smog ridden skylines grace the covers of glossy periodicals. (Carbon Dioxide is invisible). Strangely, every pictorial must also include vistas of Nuclear cooling towers spewing vast quantities of CO2 into our pristine atmosphere. (Nuclear power generation is emission free). However misguided, these images all serve to enforce the meme that the industrialized civilization is the destructor of the planet.

It goes without saying that predicting the future climate is difficult. Ever notice that the 5 day forecast are either partly cloudy in the winter and partly sunny in the summer? Way to hedge your bets.

Forecasts cannot even get next week right, let alone next decade or century. Climates are massive complicated things. Whats the effect of solar radiation? Of methane? Of volcanoes? Of cloud cover? Why is there so much variability in global prehistoric temperature that can't be correlated to CO2 levels? If there are so many questions, why is it 'established' that CO2 and by proxy mankind are responsible for short term trends? Why is it that 30 years ago we were concerned with global cooling? Is global warming simply an outcrop of human temporal bias?

Now I don't believe that emitting noxious vapors into the atmosphere is a good thing. I remember what the 70s in the city used to smell like. It still smells like that in countries with little or no emissions control and lots of cars. I think that a car that emits nothing but H20 and CO2 would be GREAT! (in comparison to what they emit now). Nor do I disagree that alternative fuels, conservation, and efficiency are great things for the security of the United States. However bad these things may be for Venezuela, Russia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Islamic terrorists, Exxon Mobile etc.

I just lament that the scientific study and public debate on the subject is focused on enforcing the status quo. Its become a 'self-licking ice cream cone'. Anthropogenic global warming currently has the consensus support of 99/100 scientists. Consensus is a powerful thing, but it makes for bad science. Ether, Miasma, Humourism, and the geocentric model also enjoyed consensus and dogma for that matter.


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