Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Press is Bad Press

Well that's the saying anyway. But I can't help but question why Ron Paul's racist newsletter is on the front page of CNN (timed nicely to coincide with the SC Fox debate that I thought he did pretty well at). At any rate, the newsletter is ancient news, and completely irrelevant.

Anyone that bothers to research his background and public dialog/views will quickly come across this piece of history. They will also quickly see these newsletters as a glaring anomaly. I do not believe that RP is anything close to a racist. He has publicly disavowed what they represent and I believe him. Its pretty sad that his opponents have to dig up some 15 year old newsletter for the purpose of smearing the only honest man in Washington :-).

I do recall a blog I read a while back that said that RP's success would be his own downfall, for precisely this reason.

Hope that the message still continues to get out there. At any rate this campaign's success, means that I don't have to keep explaining that being a Libertarian does not mean that you smoke pot, carry a gun, or write manifestos in a shack :-) Hopefully the cat is out of the bag, and the message of freedom from government interference in our lives will continue to grow.

In closing, I vote for the next top news story to be Rudy's marriage to his cousin ("Well, I did'nt know at the time!"). That would make for an interesting read.....
Tennessee Williams would be proud.


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