Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kill all the Pirates

In case you missed it, the Maersk Alabama got hijacked again. This time however, the crew was armed and repelled the invaders with guns. Although the racket making device LRAD was used, it was ineffective. So the crew 'escalated' their response appropriately.

I am not in favor of conflict if it can be avoided, but certain acts deserve an appropriate response backed by force. If you are attacked whether on the high seas or in your own home, you have the right to defend yourselves with deadly force whatever the attackers supposed 'intentions'. I disagree with those piracy apologists that spurt some half baked lunacy that the pirates are usually only interested in money. Therefore, the best response is to roll over and take it. I doubt the honorable intentions of pirates.

Similar thinking set the circumstances for the 9/11 hijackings. Probably the single most effective deterrence is the crew and passengers' willingness to deal with difficult situations by force rather than formalized capitulation. Its our duty to stop the enemies of Liberty whether they be Islamic terrorists, Somali pirates, looters, or common thugs, by confronting them with appropriate force. To do otherwise is to weaken the foundations of our civilization and embolden our enemies.

With Freedom comes responsibility - Eleanor Roosevelt


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