Monday, November 23, 2009

Ivory Towers of Hot Air

Two interesting developments this week in hot air circles.... The first one is the release of some hacked emails detailing the scientific 'debate' in global warming. I also find its interesting that the emails were initially released on a Russian server. Times have changed.

This is science at its finest! Transparency in science is a wonderful thing. Simply censor and boycott any person or journal that disagrees with you. Then have just have a lively debate with your transparent 'peers'.

The second was in an interview with a self proclaimed 'Dr. Global Warming' (Somehow, his name escaped me) I was listening to on NPR the other day. Apparently, new climate data points to global cooling trend, which is all part of the grand plan for global warming (Which he predicted all along). This may seem I can hardly blame the good doctor for waving the GW banner around while saying 'its getting colder in here guys!' Apparently, at any sign of disbelief in the dogma you are cast out of the temple.


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